Supervised Hire

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If you have never hired a bouncy castle before for your children (or even if you have) you may understandably feel a little apprehensive about it, and that's where we step in. We are now offering our services on a "wet hire" or supervised basis when requested.

Supervised hire involves the hire unit you choose being supervised throughout your event by 2 friendly, professional and experienced members of staff. This hire is proving very popular as hosts prefer to socialise with their guests than worry about the children or our equipment. We always highly recommend this type of hire at evening and large events such as weddings, but it is certainly worthwhile at any party. The cost of this service varies depending on the length of hire and the number of children attending the party. (Please contact us for your personal quote.)

This service really can make a difference to your event: You don't have to worry about the children You don't have to worry about our equipment You can socialise with your guests You can have a glass of wine!!

Obviously accidents do happen and it would be irresponsible of us to tell you otherwise however if there is something we know its our own business - we know when the castle is getting overcrowded, we know how the castle operates and can act quickly in the event of any technical difficulties, and we know how the majority of accidents are caused and how they can be avoided.

Please feel free to call or email to discuss any queries you may have.

Late Night and Extended Hire

During a recent telephone conversation with a customer I was asked, "What time will you pick the equipment up?", to which I replied "What time do you want it to be picked up?". He asked the question again, and I returned with the same answer. The customer was a little confused: "Don't you have a set collection time?"

"No." I answered.

It turns out that the customer had been trying to order a bouncy castle for an evening event and had spent his time phoning round companies only to be told that the latest collection time was 5:30pm. When I told him that we did late night collection and that we often collect units at midnight he was amazed, he booked his castle with me and advised me to put a page on my website about our late and overnight collection service.

So here it is...

Unlike most hirers, Event Supplies Ltd is very flexible concerning late night collections and overnight hire.

We tend to cater to individual booking needs rather than impose strict hire hours on customers. Unlike most hirers we want to offer a quality service above all else, we don't restrict hire hours in order to get multiple bookings of the same unit in one day.

Due to recent feedback from customers we have discovered that we are one of the few hire companies that does late night pick-ups and overnight hire. If we are able to cater to your personal needs concerning delivery and collection times then we will always strive to do so.

Due to the nature of this service we offer individual quotes to customers on a case-by-case basis, please email or call for your personal quote.

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